The latest

If you don’t recognize this website, it’s because it’s brand new! I’ve migrated my old blog (Subsequent Chapters) over to a proper URL that corresponds to my name. It’s the thing to do in writerly circles these days.

I’m hard at work on revisions of my novel, At World’s Edge, and hope to be finished sometime this century. The good news, I’m closer to a publishable product than the last time you visited my blog. It is very slow going, but made easier by my editor, Mary Ann de Stefano, who has meticulously gone over my manuscript and left me little notes all over it. At this point, after I’ve read my manuscript ten thousand times, I think it’s much more exciting with her little notes.

Will I ever be done? At this point, I have learned not to answer that question, not to make promises I end up breaking, and not to get too excited about writing that last word — because there is no such thing as “done.” There is only “I’m willing to part with it, to launch my baby out into the world.” Because it will never be perfect. I believe this even about John Grisham’s books, because I found a typo in one of his the other day. I felt better about my novel after that. Surely I won’t have typos in mine once it’s published, because I’ve spent the last five years looking for the single remaining misspelled word and haven’t found it.

The only thing I can say is that I am very close to the point where I will be satisfied with it, and I cherish your support as I sprint to the finish line. If you make a habit of reading this blog, you’ll be the first to know.